New Concept Development

From brainstorming the right product to pricing and labelling the final product and everything in-between.

The development chain of a typical skincare product will involve identifying the need you want to meet, conceptualizing the product, searching for the right ingredients, formulating, creating the sample, testing, preparing the product documentation, sourcing from suppliers, selecting the right manufacturer, pricing and labeling. We do not leave you until you are good to go or you say so. Choose if you need us all the way or where exactly you need us.

Custom Formula

 Selfish Pride

We know the pride that accompanies having what you can only call yours. And the benefit of shelf differentiation. We make your signature product possible because we specialize in custom formulation and product development. Tell us your dream idea and we will help you create your dream formula. And then it is just yours; only yours.


Choosing the right ingredient is everything in skincare. What you put in your product is what will sell the product and bring the transformation you intend to the skin of your clients. This must be done with great care because you are dealing with the largest organ of your clients. Many ingredients can produce similar or different outcomes. They can be easy or difficult to source and could make your end product affordable or dear. Therefore, you must be adept in selecting the right ingredient for the right impact. This is a science.

Sampling and Testing

 This is an extremely essential part of the product development chain. How will you know your product will work the way you intend it to work unless you create a sample and test it. When we have agreed on the ingredient mix with you and done our formulation, we can create the initial sample for you, perform stability test and proceed to conduct other industry recommended or mandated testing for you to ensure that your product is safe and compliant within your target market. We have certified testing and safety partners that we work with to perform the various appropriate tests on the sample we create for you. You do not have to bear that headache, we do it for you and we are very transparent about it.

Sourcing – Suppliers and Manufacturers

Ingredient sourcing can be a real headache. It is not enough to identify the right ingredient; you must also identify the right supplier. We have a catalogue of Suppliers that we have either worked with before or tested their ingredients that we can recommend. It is just a recommendation and you are not obliged in anyway. Choosing your suppliers is also an important task depending on your location, quantity to order, cost and quality. This is same as choosing your manufacturer for your mass production for the market. We help to guide you with these choices and what critical factors you should consider.

 Pricing and Labeling 

This is entirely your choice, but we are also happy to guide. It is usually not as easy or straightforward as people think. This is also pure art. When we work with you on your product from conceptualization through the developmental stages, we keep this last stage in mind throughout the process. We know every product worth its sort ought to hit the market and it will compete with others on the shelf. Therefore, we make sure that based on your preferences, we constantly guide you on your choice of input in formulating and what should be on your label to make it sell. Then through our tested pricing template, we make. 

Our formulation service pricing starts from €500.00 for simple formulations and up to €2500 for more complex formulations.  Our pricing does not include any regulatory testing. 

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