Stock Formulation

Share In Our Pride

The hustle is real. It takes much pain and grit to conceptualize and work through till you have a formula that truly works, and you can be proud of. Josephs Lab makes it easy for you. We save you time and money and get you to your market quicker than you could imagine.

 Our stock formulas are created with as much care as you would have taken if you did it yourself. We have researched and chosen the right ingredients, properly balanced them in our formulation and prepared all the documentation you need. You don’t have to do anything more with the stock formulas you buy from us; just take them to the manufacturer of your choice and you have your own product.

 They are high end and we take deep pride in this formula and we know you will be proud of them as well.

If you are still unsure of what exactly you will be getting, we can ship a sample product for our formulas to you. Then the decision is yours to still invest or not.

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